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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sekolah tu binatang apa?

Assalamualaikum. Hello guys. hurm do you see my lazy face? Yeayy you know why I am lazy? Cause well. I'm fucking hate school k. School is just around the corner. Yes. I dont have any enthusiasms since my PMR also is just around the corner as well. Well come on tyyra, wake up. You are growing up day by day then you should be more matured than this. come on. You are not a 5 years old girl anymore. You are 15. A girl who has to strike the straight A's in her PMR. Well well. Dear reflection of Tyyra Lambert, please stop nagging. I know what I am doing. Okay guys, see? My reflection a.k.a my clone has just nagged to me and my mood has turned off. Mencik you la kkkk .

Haha sorry . Me iz so gewdik... Since my PMR is just around the corner, I know  I should reduce my social networks times. :( So, facebook , twitter I am gonna miss you guys k. Less then 123 days to go for the PMR and I have the butterflies in my stomach now. Well *walk away* haha k . Okay tyyra , since this month is the sixth month of the 2012, you must cease building castles in the air. you know what , you are always wasting your times wandering around the internet and now finally you have to catch many subjects as well. Stop k.You must  pull your socks up. :(

hello school. Hello June. Hello my dear PMR . Please dont be sooo naughty like amir k. Imma kill you if you do so, Please dont be so cruel to me k. Please. I wanna have such a beautiful life for sure. *okay I am building castles in the air again* Haha okay

Guys you know what , there are 10 days more to go for my sixth months anniversary. Hmm you know what I am fucking elated and excited much till I cant control myself from counting the day on the calender, Please tyra. Please haha. You know what , until this day, I couldnt believe that I can have such a long-time relationship with you. Insane. haha the word could describe me now. Seriously you are the one who could withstand with all of my bad and cute attitudes. I know I had insipid your patience and hell yeah I love the way you control your patience. You look very cute there. Haha

I've gained a lot of kilograms during this school holidays. I am getting fat. And seriously, Amir is going to laugh at me :'( I am fat :'( But I am cuter than before k. Haha lol, why concern I am who i am. I do what I like and no one could bar me from doing what I wanna do. You mad? stay mad. You make a problem with me? Deal with me now. Okay I am gangster . Haha . Whatever.

Dear Amir, look yourself. You are are now a 17 years old guy now. I hope you will study hard for your SPM and insyaAllah you will get the excellent result. remember that I always love you and will never stop loving you. insyaAllah till jannah. Haha guys yesterday we had the skype conversation and he looked cute as hell. i am jealous. He tends to accompany me till 5.30 am. He coaxed me when I am in the sulking mood.
this . haha he is so cute . dia pujuk aku k . Sebab dia dah janji nak pujuk . Nak tengok bukti?

See? he is too cute. kita orang skype dari pukul 12 lebih sampai pukul 5.30 pagi. haha saya tau dia ngantuk sangat , nak tengok muka ngantuk dia?

haha thanks for everything. terima kasih sebab teman kita k. awak sangat baik k.... :') Saya untung dapat awak so jangan culik amir dari saya. sekian.

I am the author of my life. Unfortunately I'm writing in pen and I can't erase my mistakes...

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