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Saturday, December 10, 2011

A new life :')


Its been awhile I didnt post anything . Hehe . So today is 8 November . Lol what ! Hey I just wanna said I am taken right now . yeah taken ;) On 6 November I am officially taken LOL !!

Amir Shafiq , me is sayang you forever . HAHA . I will never forget the day you call me Minnie Mouse :3
Okay just that . You are just sweet as a sugar . Ily :'>

okay thats all. btw guys I had finished my SDKA papers and me is soo happy like ABCDEFJKL lol what !! Sorry for the late update for my exam. I hate Arab . What the heckkk ? I dont even understand one of that words :( I am so lucky to have such a kind teacher hehe *angkat kening sebelah* lol

Okay hows your holidays guys ? I am so bored for sure. No holidays . I mean my brother was facing his spm and my mother got their works to do. Like seriously I am fucking bored. Online je la kan ? Muehehe ,

Ouhhh I hope my days will be better without someone who I call "EX - CRUSH" . Haha kay life must go on right? It a must thing i should do right now. I have told myself , I have strong my heart said my life would be better . So I will forever hold my words . I know it is hard cause the further i go, the memories keep haunt me. I know Allah always by my side :') InsyaAllah. So next year I will face my PMR :') omg time past really fast . Only Allah knows how hard to fight over this all. I really hope next year will be better. I wanna be a tough and a strong girl :')

Maybe people can say "ala, mengada je dia tu , alaaa cari simpati lebih" . Right? So do I care? Ignoring what people say is the most thing I should do. Haters will just only make me tougher. So whom care aite ? Somehow I feel like lying towards my own heart.But I know , this is the best thing to do. I have tried to learn how to be a good girlfriend for him :')

So ex crush , maybe this is the last entry for you. I hope so :') I hope you will have a good girlfriend in future like you want. I always pray for your happiness.

Btw , i dont know if I got haters or not. But absolutely haters are just around me . They love to judge a thing without caring what the risks. You know what? your immature attitude sometimes fuckkkk me up ! so just stop being so silly to judge what I am doing. Haters always make me tough . I know :') So guys, let be friend :'D

Btw yesterday I have a webcam with amir :')

Okay I want to tweets . Btw guys , i love twitter so much !! . Kbai Assalamualaikum . 

I am the author of my life. Unfortunately I'm writing in pen and I can't erase my mistakes...


Anonymous said...

huy budak hot :P
hope kekal , tak ade sedih-2 dah :]
next year nak PMR . chill .
peace ^_^ v

#anakmurid <3

Tyyra Lambert said...

auwch !! thanks syg!!!! ily !!

yoona tcix ' said...

hehe , semoga kekal :DD comel

Tyyra Lambert said...

Thank you :')

zaty said...

congrats , hope kekal :D

Firzanah Razip said...

hai..akak tyra
nak tanya ley..akak couple ngan amir form brp?ya
cy harap akak eply yu
klau dgy senah
eply at